The Mystical Body and the Bond of Blood

This past weekend’s events in Virginia show that there are forces at work within America to provoke a race war. “Unite the Right” was billed as a pro-Trump rally at which a number of alt-right celebrities were supposed to speak out in protest of the movement to purge our historic places of any honorable memory of the Confederate warriors, who Lincoln welcomed as lost brothers after the war. In reality, however, it was only an excuse for white nationalists and radical leftists to fight each other – many members of both contingents arrived armed with acid, bricks, baseball bats, shields, and helmets. As at Berkeley, the police were evidently ordered to stand down; as everyone knows by now, eventually a deranged man from Ohio ran his car into a group of counter-protesters and killed one.

Every major news outlet has referred to the event as a white nationalist rally. The most telling thing, however, is that as of the time of writing, its organizers have not contradicted this characterization.

In light of the violence, then, and in light of the right’s acceptance of white nationalism, I think it is time to have a talk about ethnic nationalism. I shall discuss its mystical side.

One of the great paradoxes of esoteric Hitlerism is its incorporation of Cabala, a Semitic tradition. National socialists generally espouse a revisionist understanding of its origin, claiming that it was an Egyptian tradition adopted by the Jews, from whom as Aryans they are reappropriating it. Whatever the actual history of this body of mystical doctrines, however, there is a clear motive for its adoption on the part of white nationalists: it is the ethnic nationalist mysticism par excellence.

Everyone with any acquaintance with Cabala knows about the so-called tree of life. This is a diagram of the ten sephiroth or moments in the procession of God, from his infinite, un-knowable essence down through consecutive levels of spirit into manifestation in the material world. The final sephira, shekinah or “kingdom,” is God’s presence in the world; and for the Jews, it is manifest as B'nai Yisrael, or the assembled people of Israel. For observant Jews, this means that the Jewish race is the divine presence in the world, and therefore there is an infinite separation between the Jew and the Gentile.

According to this mysticism, non-Jews are in fact not even people. They have no rights and, as the Talmud states, ultimately ought to be exterminated. Gentiles are thus called goyim, or cattle. It is with a certain sense of dramatic irony, then, that we can imagine a vengeful Nazi government herding Jews into cattle cars.

According to the esoteric principles of national socialism, the true shekinah is the Aryan race. The same hatred that the Talmud bears toward the Gentile is reflected in the Nazi fanatic’s attitude toward non-Aryans. The source of the enmity between Nazis and Jews is easy to see, for both sides see their own racial cohesion as constituting their collective union with the divine, in other words, their mystical body. According to their principles, the Jews must attempt to weaken and destroy the goyim in order to protect the presence of God on earth from oppression; for the same reason, the Nazis must attempt to weaken and destroy the Jews.

Because they are corrupted by a false, Talmudic understanding of mystical union, there is no way out of this impetus to race war. Ethnic nationalism must always lead to violence. As long as ethnic nationalists of any race exist, peace is an impossibility – and this more than anything is what multiculturalists fail to understand.

A merely secular, civil union of warring mystical bodies cannot remain peaceful. The only answer to their constant warring is a higher mystical union, one that is true and divine. The answer has to be more religion in the public sphere, but the true religion, rather than the gradual abolition of all public displays of piety. The latter will only entrench the opposing forces, each aware of the others' attempts to lead them away from their observances and into depravity.

The true notion of mystical union has nothing to do with race. It neither promotes nor undermines racial cohesion. The bloodlines of men have no inherent power in them; they are as nothing compared to the Blood of Christ which has redeemed the world. Hence, there is no shekinah, but there is a Catholic Church, which is the mystical body of Christ.

This mystical body is one and holy; insofar as its members observe the commands of the divine Head, they are purged of all discord and depravity, and quickly lifted beyond merely human levels of perfection. The adjective catholic means universal, and it denotes that any individual can enter into it by being baptized. Here then is the true principle of concord between races and nations: all may retain their identities in themselves if only they remain one in Christ.

However, since the bond of mystical union consists in sanctifying grace rather than blood, it is possible for an individual ultimately to lose his mystical union with God by sinning. And this is what many people do not want to give up; they do not want to tend to perfection, they do not want to cooperate with God’s will that they stop offending Him. And so they look for an alternative, and the devil gladly supplies one with opposite principles: a fleshly rather than a spiritual principle of mystical unity in virtue of which you may do what you will. This is the appeal of such a concept as shekinah, and for such a temptation, there will be those who are willing to fight and die.