No Introduction

In a journal with no readers, the writer need not introduce himself.

Some things that have been on my mind recently:

It’s difficult to be fully traditional online. Nominally traditional discussion forums, even those that are heavily moderated or semi-monological, often still suffer from sinful conversation and infiltration by pseudo-trads. This blog is fully monological. There are a few other blogs that allow comments but are not dominated by a modern spirit. As for the rest, “consign them to the flames.”

A traditional Catholic should make his way of life reflect in his moral conduct first and foremost, but also in his aesthetic and technical choices. His love for God should lead him to prefer those forms of art and entertainment which lead him to contemplate higher things – classical music and classical art. Likewise his workflow ought to engage his intellect rather than his base passions. It is well known by now that Facebook causes envy and depression and the same general reasons for this certainly apply to many other forms of social networking.

If a certain technology is designed to manipulate the emotions of its users or otherwise dumb them down, it is highly imprudent to use it. Prudence is the queen of the moral virtues, and without exercising it we can hardly hope to grow in perfection. Moreover, one of the parts of prudence is memory, and yet, most people who I know, even those of a traditionalist persuasion, seem to be addicted to mobile devices that rob them of their faculty of memory.

I submit that it is more traditional to prefer the programmer’s interface than the so-called end user’s. The traditional thing to do is to employ technology not as a crutch but as a way of expanding one’s competencies. This is not being a snob, it is taking proper care of the one and only soul God has given to each of us.

That is why this blog is constructed using technologies that have to be operated using a small amount of programming knowledge. That is also why there is no easy-to-use comment form; if you, my dear nonexistent reader, can’t figure out how to contact me without one, then I probably don’t want your input.

The technology I am using does not center around the relationships and social status of whoever uses it. It is not a thinly disguised device to sell the digital identities of its users (without compensating them) to advertisers. It is completely focused on thought and intellect, and it is my hope that the thoughts that this technology helps as a medium to convey will tend to the greater glory of God.