1. Learn the Gregorian chant.

  2. Establish a consistent rule of life.

  3. Get regular exercise.

  4. Start the podcast.

  5. Stop trashposting.

  6. Acquire an accordion, or a mandocello, or both.

  7. Build something.

I want to have started on at least half of these by the end of the Christmas season. I am not normally one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Every day is a day for self-examination. However, this year happens to end with a lot of habits for me to build or improve.

The past year was not very good. Although I learned much, I didn’t advance in holiness. I wasted a lot of time. I wasted much of it on the computer. Some of it I wasted working. How can that be? I did not make use of the graces offered to me, and I did not thank God for the crosses He sent me. I set a poor example. I indulged bad conversation. When I lost my job, I was devastated, and I still haven’t recovered. The lack of confidence in God that this bespeaks is my own fault.

Compared to my moral failings, the seven resolutions that I have made seem trivial. However, I must keep them just the same. If I do not improve morally, then I know that I will not be able to keep them.

I lost more friends than I gained in 2017. This will probably be the case from now on. I can’t talk to people anymore. I have ordered an etiquette manual to help smooth over the terrible awkwardness that comes with human interaction, but it will likely be a long time before I trust another human. To learn to trust in men does not form a part of my agenda.

Men are despicable creatures. It is a cross in its own right to have to be a fallen man living among other men, toiling away in the hollows of the earth with nary an inkling why they even exist. Lord, I thank Thee for it.