Why the Pro-Life Movement Has Failed

Planned Parenthood professes the right to life.

Planned Parenthood professes the right to life.

How many pro-life individuals would agree with the following statement: “Nothing is more valuable than human life.”

It seems uncontroversial. Some might even assert that this proposition is exactly the point of the pro-life movement. And yet, it is totally blasphemous.

When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham obeyed, because the command of God was greater than the life of his son. The holy will of God is infinitely greater than human life. Even if God commanded genocide — as at one point He did (Deuteronomy xx) — it would be a sin to refuse to do it. One may not object that he has not the authority to take a life. There can be no contradiction in the will of God; for that which He commands, He must supply the authority and the right. To Abraham, God temporarily delegated His own authority over the life of His creature Isaac.

Similarly, when someone commits a heinous crime, such as a premeditated murder, he may be punished by death. The state’s authority to take the life of a criminal is delegated to it by God Who is the source of all its lawful authority. However, the pontiffs and theologians of the Conciliar sect have argued that the death penalty ought to be abolished. They argue that the value of a human life is too great to justify the death penalty, and therefore to be consistently pro-life it is necessary to be against both it and abortion. Clearly, this is the same as saying that God does not delegate the right to judge in matters of life and death to any public authority.

Yet in a world in which homicide is committed all the time, it makes no sense to claim that no one may judge. If not the state, then necessarily, anyone may claim her own private authority to decide who should live or die — for example, whether her unborn child should live. If no one may judge, then who are you to judge her actions? If homicide is not even the state’s business, then it is certainly none of yours.

In order to have a peaceful society under God in which the value of human life is respected, then, it is necessary that we acknowledge some things to be more valuable than life. Among these must be counted the will of God. And it is God’s will that peace be restored to the world, not through political action, but through prayer.

One hundred years ago, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima to tell the people of the world, not to sacrifice their firstborn, but merely to pray her Rosary every day and to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart. It is absolutely certain that the desires of her Heart are the same as of that of her divine Son. And yet her plea fell on deaf ears. The bloodiest century ever in recorded history followed. Rome lost the faith and became the seat of the Antichrist. Abortion was legalized in the United States, providing a steady stream of innocent victims to be sacrificed to the father of lies.

And still, today, in spite of all that has happened, the pro-life movement seems to believe that human life will save itself. They trust in political action, although it has not succeeded to date; but when the March for Life in Washington, D.C. occurs each year, only one small group uses the occasion to publically beg almighty God on behalf of the people of the United States for the grace to remove the scourge of abortion from this land. That group is the traditional Catholics.

To truly recognize the right to life, it is absolutely necessary to admit that this right is not sovereign or self-sufficient. We also have to recognize the divine Author of this right. Otherwise we are no less hypocritical than Planned Parenthood itself. Such hypocrisy conforms us not to Christ but to satan, the captain of all abortionists; and as long as we are conformed to their captain, they have nothing to fear from us.